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File: JBGMusic for J!1.5/J!1.7/J!2.5

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Module extension for Joomla.  This was tested with the latest Joomla 1.5/1.6/1.7/2.5 version.  Please read FAQ for issues and related items.


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**** No expressed warranties/guarantees are expressed nor implied.



08/29/2014 - modified js code to have a repair inconsistent autoplay function

10/25/2013 - bug fix for no loop not working on reload

02/5/2013  -  used mp3 as default source for Chrome

-  module can now be upgraded without uninstalling

-  corrected missing audio when not set to playlist

-  added code to prevent notices of undefined variables from showing.


12/17/2012 - Added option to turn off alerts, sometimes browsers misfire, this will prevent the alerts from poping, just make sure you have both audio versions.

11/5/2012  - Added code to alert for missing audio files (HTML5 player). Both .ogg and .mp3 files are required
Removed obfuscation on main php file.


10/12/2012 - Added code to revert back to legacy Flash player for Safari 5.1.7 (not HTML5 compliant)

Added code to revert back to legacy Flash player for Opera 12 for Windows (not 100% HTML5 stable)

Added code to revert back to legacy Flash player for Firefox 3.x (not HTML5 compliant)

added code that will automatically detect and revert back

to legacy Flash player (Flash plugin required) for these browsers

10/9/2012 - minor bug fixes

9/30/12 HTML5 player modified to allow Playlist play

Random Play is now active in HTML5 player

Shuffle play is now active in HTML5 player

Excess space left by unique code removal in Flash player is now removed.

Fixed bugs.

8/19/12 Modified code to allow user customisation of HTML5 player via CSS

Fixed minor bugs.

8/17/12 Fixed bug that restarts audio even when paused on reload

Fixed bug on clicking controls brings to top of the page.

7/28/12 Fixed bug that prevents module from working under Firefox

5/25/12 Activated loop function

4/9/12 Module updated with new HTML5/CSS3 code with fallback to old flash player.

Single installer for J!1.5/J!1.6/J!1.7/J!2.5

10/3/11 Single installer for J!1.5/J!1.6/J!1.7

10/2/11 Modified to conform with W3C validation

fixed bug that will not clear temp files properly

9/29/11 New compact player to better match templates

bug fixes

2/18/11 Fixed bug on multiple module instances.

2/9/11 Bug Fixes to the codes.

Corrected Unique Key not being recognized.

1/4/11  Added code to detect changes to audio list

Bug fixes

1/3/11  Removed version for J!1.0 (accidentally deleted it)

12/19/10 Changed the player to a flash player

autoresume on page changes (NEW).


02/02/10 Added code to allow audio from different domains (please ask permission from audio owner)

08/18/09 Erroneous code has been corrected.  Removal of temporary files is again activated.

08/18/09 Temporarily removed code to clean up temporary files as it causes a readdir error.

08/09/09  Bug on shuffle play and playlist has been fixed, should now work for Windows

Added code to clean up temporary files.

08/08/09  Added ability to play playlists (arranged or shuffled)

04/26/09 - Modified code to allow whole page to load before starting background audio.