Frequently Asked Question - Elastic Modal


Elastic Modal is a simple way of creating Modal windows for your Joomla website.


Elastic Modal is an extension to help you easily generate modal windows for your Joomla website

A modal window is a simply put a popup window in your site. For a more complicated answer, here is Wikipedia.

We can't foresee all scenarios on how you would use Elastic Modal. 

Here are some examples:

  1. Make an announcement.
  2. Show an image
  3. Show your terms of conditions
  4. Make a title image (This is what you see in our front page)
  5. Make a floating form (requires a form module as source)
  6. Show your modules in a floating module
  7. Schedule an announcement of your promo.

Following features are already built-in:

  • Have different sources for your content
    • Textarea for simple message content
    • Choose any article as your content
    • Choose any module as your content
    • Choose an image for your content
  • Choose when your modal window will appear
    • Every page load
    • Every browser session
    • Once a day 
  • Schedule your modal window based on date and in your timezone
  • Choose whether you want your modal window will load on page load or triggered manually
  • Ability to auto close the modal window after n seconds
  • Ability to tell how your clicks will react to the modal window in and around the window
  • Create a separate button to manually open and reopen the modal window
  • Use an image instead of a button class to open and close the modal window
  • Define an HTML object with a class within the modal content to trigger the closing of the modal window
  • Have a draggable modal window
  • Have a resizable modal window
  • Access the background elements with modal window open
  • Plenty of modal customisation options
    • make the whole modal transparent, perfect for PNG files
    • show/hide header and footer
    • change position of modal window
    • plenty of opening and closing transitions

Ok, here it is.  It's a long one.

It is familiar, because the modal classes being used are standard Bootstrap modal classes included with your Joomla install

Yes, Bootstrap is a requirement, please make sure your template has Bootstrap included

Bootstrap 3 is the one needed, however, it will work with the newer version

No, this extension is built using pure javascript which makes it very light.

If you are still not satisfied and are CSS savvy, you can override all the CSS classes as much as you want in your template

A normal modal window will prevent you from accessing elements outside of the modal window, you can use enable this to have your modal window still visible and still be able work with elements behind the modal window. 

An example if you have digital clock and/or timer module inside the modal window on the top of your site for a examination

This option may useful if you want to show an image floating as your title page.  You can see this in effect in our home page.

Elastic modal is responsive and adjust to its environment.

By creating several instances of Elastic Modal and placing then on the same page, you can have several modal windows open at the same time

There are several ways to do this, the easiest would be to enable the Launch Button.  This will create a standard bootstrap button or you can choose an image to instead to launch the modal window.

The easiest is to install in your Joomla website and experiment if it fits your requirements.

There are several reasons why the extension will not appear on my site:

  1. The position is not part or visible in the template page
  2. Menu assignment has not been issued, by the default the extension is not assigned to any menu item


Yes, you may freely use the extension as long as you want in your site.  The extension is the full version with all the features included.  However, if you want to remove the credits line, you must purchase the license key for your site

Your download is part of your invoice, so just go to your 'My Invoices' under 'My Account' and choose an invoice.  You will see the link of your extension, just click the link to download.

Yes, sometimes the version you see on the demo site is slightly different because we also use the demo site to further develop the extension hence the difference.  Once we finish the testing we incorporate the changes to main site and the main distribution platform

The license key is to be able to disable the credits line.  It is recommended for you to generate only for your production site.

The minimal fee is to allow us to continue the development of the extension, it is also to be able to maintain this site and the server that we are leasing.   We hope that you will consider acquiring the license key.

The license key is completely optional and will not hamper operation of the extension. 

No, the extension is a fully functioning extension with all the features included, the only difference is the credit line.  If you don't mind the credit line, then do please enjoy the extension as much as you want.

After acquiring your license key, all you have to do is copy-paste your license key to the license key portion of every instance of your extension.  Several license keys for all your aliases can be entered separated by commas in the extension.

The license key does not have an expiration, as long as the domain site does not change, it will be active

We chose to use a license key as we feel that this would be method to ensure that your extension will work regardless whether we are around or not.  We do not like extensions that call back to our servers for activation and/or verification, the license key ensures a separation between your site and our site.

Should you decide to redo your Joomla site, all you have to do is paste the license key in the extension and it should work

No, each license key is tied to a single specific domain site. 

Yes, each alias is treated as different domain site, and a different license is required for each alias.  Each alias must pasted to the extension separated by commas

Yes, each subdomain is considered a different domain site, and a different license is required for each subdomain

You may get the license key in our website.  Make sure to choose the correct license key before purchasing, as this can't be cancelled once purchased.

No, license key generation is fully integrated with the site.  Once purchased, you may generate your license key immediately within the site.   See next question.

Once purchased, you license key is still blank until you generate for your site.  Under 'My Account', you can check your 'My licenses' to either all your purchased licenses.  



Ideally, you only generate your license key for your production site.  Once purchased, you can generate your license key anytime.  If you are not yet ready to generate then you can just come back to our site at a later time.  Once you are ready to generate, you can come back, login and go to your My Licenses and generate your key.

If you have installed a previous version, currently, the only way to effect the key is, unfortunately, to uninstall and reinstall the extension.  We are working to remedy this in a future update.

Unfortunately, generation of the license key is permanent and can be only done once.  To redo, you must purchase another license key. 

Things to consider before generating your license key:

  1. Check your spelling before pressing the submit button.
  2. Only generate license for your production site.


Yes, although your license key will always be part of your account here with us, we would still recommend you keep a copy of your license key with you.  Even if our site crashed or discontinued, your license key will remain valid for your domain site. 

So yes, please keep a copy of the module extension and your license key in a safe place. 

Your license key is not tied to our site, so yes, the license key will survive beyond our own existence.  It is, however, tied to your domain site, so as long as you use the same domain site registered with the license, it will be valid. 
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